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Maine Coast Memorial Hospital Earns “Top Performer on Key Quality Measures®” Recognition from The Joint Commission

Awarded the Joint Commission's
Gold Seal of accreditation
reflecting our commitment
to meeting the highest
performance standards
for patient safety and quality care.

KEY Functional Capacity Assessment

Maine Coast offers the following types of Key Assessments:
KEY Functional
Capacity Assessment

by Rehabilitation Services at MCMH
Maine Coast Memorial Hospital
65 Church Street
Ellsworth, ME 04605
207 664-5472

  • for the Employer, Business & Industry
  • for Insurers and Claims Managers
  • for the Medical Professional
  • for the Legal Counsel
  • for Return to Work Programs

KEY ASSESSMENT FOR the Employer, Business & Industry

  • Key Equipment Assessment – A Unique Resource at Maine Coast Memorial Hospital for the Employer
  • Pre-Placement Screening (Key Equipment) – A scientific job placement assessment to help you determine an applicant’s capabilities of performing the physical tasks for the position for which he is being considered.
  • Plus Key Assessment offers safety in determining a timely return to work plan – Maine Coast Memorial Hospital professionals working with you can help return injured workers to the job safely and quickly (see Return to Work Program)

Developed over two decades ago this nationally recognized assessment service can help personnel and safety directors make safe, legally defensible hiring decisions.

In doing so Maine Coast Memorial Hospital Key Assessment Equipment can cost effectively help prevent injury, reduce loss tied to injury and related litigation, while lowering compensation costs.

With the Key method of job placement assessment, Maine Coast Memorial Hospital is able to construct a “functional” picture of each of your applicant’s or employee’s physical capacities. Your company will benefit by building a more productive work force and creating a safer work environment.

Because our rehab staff at Maine Coast Memorial Hospital is certified in the Key family of assessments, we can provide additional assessments to help you return injured workers to their jobs safely and quickly.

Maine Coast Memorial Hospital’s commitment as an industrial therapy center allows us to treat conditions from low back pain to carpal tunnel syndrome. We are dedicated to providing you, the employer, the comprehensive industrial therapy you need.

Key Job Placement Assessment is one of the only pre-planning screening tests that is in full compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, EEOC, and Affirmative Action Guidelines (employers with 28 or more employees).

KEY ASSESSMENT FOR Insurers and Claims Managers

A dependable Guide for Insurances and Claims Managers
Insurance providers and claims managers are challenged to offer efficient case management while containing compensation costs.

The Key Assessment system and the Maine Coast Memorial Hospital professional staff can assist you in making accurate and legally defensible return to work determinations for each injury claim. The Key Functional Capacity Assessment is the world-wide industry standard for objectively identifying each client’s safe physical capabilities.

The assessment report tells rehab consultants and insurance managers what an injured person can safely lift, carry, push, pull, how long they can sit and stand and how frequently they can do various functional activities.

The Key assessment measures your client’s capability – not disability.

  • Returns employee back to work sooner
  • Identifies discrepancies and participation levels
  • Shown to help prevent re-injury
  • Has a 99% success rate

KEY ASSESSMENT FOR the Medical Professional

As a professional, you know how difficult it can be to set safe and appropriate limits for an injured worker’s return to the job.

The Key Method Functional Capacity Assessment provides statistically significant, precise information that can assist you in determining:

  • Safe limits for frequent and occasional; lifting from a variety of positions.
  • Safe capabilities for job specific tasks.
  • Tolerances for work day length, sitting and standing times.

These parameters are developed in an objective and safe, client-driven manner.

For more information, please contact the Maine Coast Memorial Hospital Rehabilitation Department at (207) 664-5472 or 1-800-423-1085 and ask to speak with a member of the Key Team.

KEY ASSESSMENT FOR the Legal Counsel

Key Assessment for the Attorney and Legal Counsel
As an attorney you know how important it is to have solid evidence. The Functional Capacity Assessment gives you an objective and precise measurement of your client’s present physical capabilities. The Key method is readily acknowledged by the legal and judicial system as the authoritative standard for FCA’s and has stood the test in all areas of workers compensation, reimbursement and litigation.

  • Offers accepted unbiased evidence for most injury claims
  • Timely professional reports
  • Acknowledged Standard by Legal System
  • Cost effective
  • Key Assessment has been in use for over two decades and available at MCMH since 1991

For more information, please contact the Maine Coast Memorial Hospital Rehabilitation Department at (207) 664-5472 or 1-800-423-1085 and ask to speak with a member of the Key Team.

KEY ASSESSMENT FOR Return to Work Programs

The Job Placement Assessment has demonstrated its ability to identify high risk applicants.

This employer was able to reduce days lost to injury from 520 to 26 and save over $2 million in workers’ compensation costs.

The Functional Capacity Assessment has demonstrated a 99% success rate at safely returning injured workers to the job.

The key team is dedicated to providing superior Customer Service.

We offer:

  • Team availability during all normal work hours.
  • Concise, user-friendly reports.
  • Timely completion of reports.

Maine Coast Memorial Hospital offers a complete spectrum of workplace assessment and rehabilitation services.

Our Staff

For More Information contact our Certified Assessment Specialists, 664-5472:

  • Bill Charron, COTA
  • Stephanie Dow, PT
  • Doug Keith, PTA

Maine Coast Memorial Hospital

50 Union Street
Ellsworth, Maine 04605
(207) 664-5311

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