Journey to Austin

When I found out I was pregnant, I knew that I wanted to create every opportunity to have a healthy and peaceful pregnancy. While I appreciated the importance of the “nuts and bolts” of my progress (weight gain, baby heartbeats and tummy measurements), I was craving the support and care of a deeper kind.

Austin and his Mom!In an effort to bring spiritual and emotional support to my pregnancy journey, I chose a gifted doula to work with. She referred me to the midwives in Ellsworth and encouraged me to make an appointment. From the moment I walked into the office for my first appointment, I felt as though I was being seen as a whole person, not just a belly. I was in uncharted territory and MCWC quickly became a lifeline in helping me create the birth experience I had dreamed of.

Each visit encompassed spiritual, emotional, physical and mental support. There were times when Renatta would “talk” to my child and tell him how excited they were to meet him – no one had done that except for me! I loved that I was able to meet with a different midwife during visits as they each bring their own guidance and gifts. It meant everything to me knowing that no matter when I gave birth, I would already have a relationship established with the midwife who would be on duty.

In the end, my sweet baby was born exactly the way he was meant to be. I was blessed with a natural water birth and each midwife honored the sacredness of Austin’s arrival. I had the right support throughout my pregnancy with Maine Coast Women’s Care and believe their group was vital to the joy and satisfaction I have when I remember the birth of my son. —Austin's mom RSS