Portable Program

Maine Coast Community Dental Clinic offers dental care in many places other than our main office site by setting up portable clinics in schools, child care centers, and WIC clinics. During portable visits children can have:
  • Dental Screenings: The hygienist examines the child’s mouth for problems. (This does not take the place of a full dental exam.)
  • Cleanings: A dental hygienist will clean the teeth by scraping hard build up (tartar) off with a small, metal tool; floss the teeth; and polish the teeth to help prevent future build up.
  • Oral Health Education: As the hygienist cleans the child’s teeth they will offer tips on how to better care for them. The hygienist will show them the right way to brush and floss their teeth, and help them understand which habits can help your teeth, and which can harm them.
  • Fluoride Treatments: Teeth are covered in a thing, outer cover called enamel. When bacteria (plaque) forms on your teeth it causes weak spots in your tooth enamel that can lead to cavities, if not treated. Fluoride helps prevent cavities by slowing the breakdown of enamel and making it stronger.