Willed Gifts

Advancing the quality of health care in Hancock and western Washington Counties through philanthropic and community support for Maine Coast Memorial Hospital.
If you are like many people, either you don't have a will, or it has been years since you looked at it. Perhaps this is the time to review and update your will.
Your will takes care of important issues such as: who gets what, who will make decisions when we’re gone, how family members will be provided for, and how to handle the estate without incurring unnecessary expenses. Your will also gives you the opportunity to provide for the charitable causes you believe in.
Maine Coast Healthcare Foundation was established because of a few insightful people – in 2003 – who recognized that many friends of Maine Coast Memorial Hospital were interested in making planned gifts to establish a permanent endowment. Adding the Foundation as a beneficiary in your will is an excellent way to support the vision.

Bequests to Maine Coast Healthcare Foundation are easily arranged.

Bequests do not require you to part with anything during your lifetime, making them an easy, low-cost gift. You decide on what percentage of your estate you which to designate to Maine Coast Healthcare Foundation such as 10%, 20%, or more. Bequests and other planned gifts are the Foundation that supports the future of Maine Coast Memorial Hospital. When preparing a bequest to the Foundation, please ask for the appropriate language. You can add a charitable gift with a simple codicil, which will probably cost from $100 to $200. Or, if you need to start from scratch, a simple will typically costs from $250 to $500.
Attention to your will not only provides peace of mind, but gives you the chance to do wonderful things for others. This is special opportunity to benefit future patients at Maine Coast Memorial Hospital.
If you are interested in making a confidential inquiry about donations, bequests or other planned giving, please contact the Foundation Office.
 Maine Coast Healthcare Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.
All contributions are tax-deductible to the full extent provided by law.