Payment Arrangements

Payment Plans 
If a patient is unable to make full payment of the balance when due, periodic, partial payments may be approved in accordance with credit and collection procedures. A financial statement is required to determine appropriate payment arrangements.

Payment Agreements
When a balance due cannot be paid at the time of service or when the balance becomes due, a payment agreement may be required in order to approve payment arrangements.

Outside Collections
Accounts which cannot be collected by hospital staff after normal in-house procedures may be referred to a collection agency, or attorney for further collection action.

Payment Methods
The following payment methods will be accepted: Cash, check, money order, credit cards. 
If a patient is requesting Free Care, MCMH will assist the patient in applying for available financial assistance. If no source of Financial Assistance is available, the hospital will review the patient’s application for Free Care. All Free Care applications are based on Federal Poverty Guidelines.

Legal Action

If it is deemed necessary, outside collection agencies are used in the collection of accounts. The hospital may take legal action, including the execution on personal property in order to collect balances owed. RSS