Maine Coast Memorial Hospital will bill insurance plans as a courtesy to patients if the patient provides the required insurance information and signs an assignment of Benefits statement.
Please read Maine Coast Memorial Hospital Financial Policies

If you have problems with any bill you have received from Maine Coast Memorial Hospital, please call 207 664-5495 or E-mail 

Please click here for information about the State Sponsored Medicaid and Cub-Care Insurance Plan for Children.

Third Party Payers

Verification of Information 
All information given regarding the ability to pay, third-party insurance, employment, etc. will be subject to verification.

Unpaid Insurance Balances
Patients may be requested to make full payment of unpaid balances when insurance payments are not received after 60 days from the date of billing.

Third Party Litigation
The hospital will not become involved in disputes arising from third-party claims (i.e., automobile accidents, liability claims, etc.) with the exception of verified Worker's Compensation Claims, or claims involving Medicare or Medicaid.

Third Party Audits
The hospital recognizes the need for audits of insurance claims by Insurance companies. The hospital will cooperate in making information available as outlined in the Third Party audit Guidelines.

If you need assistance please call 207-664-5495
  • Medicare Chose option 7 
  • Medicaid Chose option 4
  • Commercial Chose option 3 
  • Physician Bills Chose option 6 
  • Self pay Chose option 5