Maine Coast Financial Policy

Business Office Contacts

Maine Coast Memorial Hospital is dedicated to the goal of providing medical services to anyone, regardless of their ability to pay. If you have any questions regarding financial arrangements for your medical care, please contact us.
Pre Registration — 664-5735 
Payment Plans — 664-5560 
Financial Counselor — 664-5330

Financial Policies

  • Payment Responsibility 
    The patient or legal representative is ultimately responsible for all charges incurred.
  • Assignment of Benefits
    The Hospital will bill insurance plans as a courtesy to patients if the patient provides the required insurance information and signs an assignment of Benefits statement.
  • Emergency/Urgent Care
    Medical Services will be provided regardless of the patient’s ability to pay; however, the credit policies will be enforced after Emergency or Urgent services have been rendered.
  • Uninsured Patients/ Non-Covered Services
    Payment for all charges which are not covered by insurance are due and payable at the time of service or discharge.
  • Partial Insurance Coverage
    Patients with insurance policies that cover only a portion of the services must pay the difference between the hospital charges and the anticipated payment. This payment may be requested at the time of service.


  • Preadmission Program 
    Preadmission information may be requested prior to certain scheduled admission and outpatient services.
  • Preadmission Deposits
    Patients may be requested or required to make payment of the anticipated charges for scheduled, uninsured services prior to the hospital admission or outpatient services.

Third Party Payers

  • Verification of Information 
    All information given regarding the ability to pay, third-party insurance, employment, etc. will be subject to verification.
  • Unpaid Insurance Balances
    Patients may be requested to make full payment of unpaid balances when insurance payments are not received after 60 days from the date of billing.
  • Third Party Litigation
    The hospital will not become involved in disputes arising from third-party claims (i.e., automobile accidents, liability claims, etc.) with the exception of verified Worker's Compensation Claims, or claims involving Medicare or Medicaid.
  • Third Party Audits
    The hospital recognizes the need for audits of insurance claims by Insurance companies. The hospital will cooperate in making information available as outlined in the Third Party audit Guidelines.
  • If you need assistance please call 207-664-5495
    •  Medicare Chose option 7 
    •  Medicaid Chose option 4 
    •  Commercial Chose option 3 
    •  Physician Bills Chose option 6 
    •  Self pay Chose option 5

Payment Arrangements

  • Payment Plans 
    If a patient is unable to make full payment of the balance when due, periodic, partial payments may be approved in accordance with credit and collection procedures. A financial statement is required to determine appropriate payment arrangements.
  • Payment Agreements
    When a balance due cannot be paid at the time of service or when the balance becomes due, a payment agreement may be required in order to approve payment arrangements.
  • Outside Collections
    Accounts which cannot be collected by hospital staff after normal in-house procedures may be referred to a collection agency, or attorney for further collection action.
  • Payment Methods
    The following payment methods will be accepted: Cash, check, money order, credit cards. 
    If a patient is requesting Free Care, MCMH will assist the patient in applying for available financial assistance. If no source of Financial Assistance is available, the hospital will review the patient’s application for Free Care. All Free Care applications are based on Federal Poverty Guidelines.

Legal Action

  • If it is deemed necessary, outside collection agencies are used in the collection of accounts. The hospital may take legal action, including the execution on personal property in order to collect balances owed.