Maine Coast Urology

Martin Curlik, MD Board Certified in UrologyNew Treatment for the Most Common Men’s Health Problem
Did You Know...
More than half of all men over age sixty experience an enlarged prostate?

GreenLight Laser Therapy • Provides quick relief for enlarged prostate 
• Minimally invasive surgical treatment 
• Safe and effective outpatient procedure
• Covered by Medicare and most private insurers

About Us
Dr. Martin Curlik and Heidi Harmon, FNP and staff are here to serve the community with complete urological care with a wide variety of services.

Practices included
Evaluaton and management of urinary, prostate, kidneys and bladder issues, foley catheter changes. We offer in office procedures such as Vasectomy's, Prostate and Bladder biopsies, Urodynamics and Cystoscopy's. We also offer specific cancer treatments for patients. Click on Urological Services to see a more detailed list of services provided.

Practice hours
Tuesday - Wednesday - Thursday 8:00 A.M. to 4:30 P.M.