What to Expect During Your Visit

Many Expert, Knowledgeable, and Friendly Staff!

Your Therapist will evaluate your condition. This involves discussing the history of your condition, listening to your signs and symptoms, measuring your function, making a treatment diagnosis and problem list, working with you to create goals, and drafting your individual plan of care.

Your Therapist may then work with you to create some home exercises for you to do on your own before your next visit. This usually includes a written copy with pictures.

Your Therapist will forward your plan of care to your referring provider. Your provider will discuss the plan of care with your therapist as needed, sign and return it to us.

At subsequent visits, your therapist will review your home exercises, measure your progress, advance your treatment, and update your home exercises.

As needed your therapist will send a progress report to your referring provider. This is especially important before your next visit with the provider. Please keep your therapist informed regarding these visits!

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