Aquatic Physical Therapy

Integration of therapeutic exercise in an aquatic environment providing full or partial body support using hydrodynamic principles in a gravity minimized situation to facilitate rehabilitation and dry land function in a time-efficient manner, utilizing community resources.

About Rehab

Aquatic Physical Therapy treatment programs are available for the following types of diagnoses:
  • Acute injuries
  • Sub-acute injuries
  • Chronic dysfunction
  • Orthopedic injuries
  • Arthritis
  • Chronic Pain


What is Aquatic Physical Therapy? 

While the aquatic physical therapy program takes place in a pool, it is not swimming. It is therapeutic exercise, utilizing specific techniques including:
     -  Water assisted and/or water resisted strengthening exercise 
     -  Stabilization techniques 
     -  Balance training 
     -  Neuro re-education 
These techniques are used in conjunction with the buoyant and resistive properties of water. The program often proves to be an adjunct and/or short cut on the journey to wellness.
Clients will be instructed in an appropriate exercise program by a Physical Therapist. Duration of the aquatic physical therapy program is dependant on the participant demonstrating independence with the exercise regimen. Clients may graduate to resume clinic-based physical therapy services or they may be discharged to a community based independent pool exercise regimen.

Why participate in Aquatic Physical Therapy? 
     -  To facilitate more rapid recovery from injury or surgery. 
     -  To aid progression of normal functional capabilities 
          (including strength and range of motion). 
     -  To enhance return of land-based functional activities.

What is the Referral Process?
Clients may be referred for a screening assessment prior to initiating the aquatic program in one of two ways:
     1.  Direct physician referral. 
     2.  Collaborative PT/Physician recommendation for clients 
         currently in a land therapeutic program.

What is the Screening Assessment?
The screening assessment will be completed on land at the Physical Therapy Department. This screening will help the following:
     1.  Establish baseline functional information. 
     2.  Determine if the aquatic environment is appropriate for the client 
     3.  Establish specific functional goals.

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