Women’s Health Rehabilitation Services

Women’s bodies go through many experiences from adolescence, through the childbearing years, during menopause and beyond. Women can benefit greatly from programs designed specifically for the stress these experiences have on their bodies. At our convenient outpatient location in Ellsworth Maine Coast Memorial Hospital’s Women’s Health Rehabilitation Program provides rehabilitation services and customized treatment plans for the specific health needs of women.

Getting Started

A referral from your primary care provided is needed before starting the program. When you start your care in the Women’s Health Rehabilitation Program a compassionate female physical therapist with advanced training in women’s health rehabilitation will conduct an initial evaluation and create a customized treatment plan that will help you gain control of your symptoms and help you achieve your goals.

Our therapists provide specialized treatment for the following conditions:

  • Pain during the prenatal and postpartum period 
  • Urinary incontinence (stress, urge and mix) 
  • Frequent urination
  • Difficulty voiding 
  • Urinary retention 
  • Cystocele 
  • Rectocele
  • Uterine prolapse 
  • Pelvic muscle weakness and imbalance 
  • Childbirth injuries 
  • Pre and post surgeries

What are the benefits of the Women’s Health Rehabilitation Program?

The Women’s Health Rehabilitation Program’s customized treatment plans will help you gain control of your symptoms, enhance your quality of life, help you return to physical activity, possibly prevent surgery, possibly reduce use of medication and decrease urge and frequency.

The healthcare professionals at Maine Coast Memorial Hospital are here to help you. For more information or to make an appointment please contact the Women’s Health Rehabilitation Services at (207)664-5472. RSS