Our Mission is to model and support the paradigm of “wellness first,” starting with ourselves. We are striving to create an environment of well-being, in which we promote the health and healing of each individual woman’s mind, body and spirit. We believe that women are an invaluable resource in our community, encouraging us to provide care and caring, fostering the participation and growth of both patients and practitioners.

Pregnant women still need to eat healthy, get regular check-ups, stop smoking, eliminate alcohol, exercise often, seek advice before taking prescription or over the counter medications, and avoid dangerous drugs and infections.

The kinds of decisions you make with the providers at Maine Coast Women Care regarding prenatal, pregnancy, and postpartum care can help facilitate a healthy and happy start for you and your baby.
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Our Services

  • Prenatal care with birthing at the birthing rooms of Maine Coast Memorial Hospital, including optional birthing tub for labor discomfort and/or delivery.
  • Centering Pregnancy Program
  • Pain relieving medications in labor if needed
  • Postpartum care and encouragement
  • Education, guidance and promotion of health through peri-menopause, menopause and lifestyle changes.