Obstetrical Nursing

Our nurses are committed to making the birth of each baby the memorable experience it should be. We believe in mixing technology with tradition (with an emphasis on tradition!) which provides our patients and their partners the safe and meaningful birth every woman should have. Our goal is to make each delivery the one each couple has envisioned, to the best of our ability.

About our Nurses:

Our unit has 14 full and part-time Registered Nurses (RN) to provide care to our babies and families. All of the nurses have a true passion and commitment for women’s health and the process of labor and birth. We strive, whenever possible, to have the same nurse throughout a mom and baby’s stay. While we maintain medical standards for birth, we also feel strongly that emotional support is a vital aspect in achieving a successful and satisfying birth experience.

All of our nurses are certified in Fetal Monitoring; we also have staff certified in Advanced Life Support in Obstetrics (ALSO). All nurses are NRP certified (Neonatal Resuscitation Providers) as well as S.T.A.B.L.E. certified (entails stabilization of the newborn). Half of our nurses are certified in the specialty of Obstetrics. This certification entails a nurse furthering her education through experience and competency testing to carry the title of RNC.

We have two Lactation Consultants on our unit. They are available for consultations prior to birth as well as during the hospital stay. One of the consultants will contact each breastfeeding mom after discharge from the hospital for continued support.

We hope to soon offer smaller, focused group education in order to cover a wider variety of subjects, such as: baby care, what to expect postpartum, breastfeeding, post partum blues and depression. One of our nurses recently became a provider of prenatal yoga/meditation and we look forward to starting classes in the near future. Two of our nurses will be taking a class to become CPR instructors in order to provide Infant CPR education too. We are excited as a unit to bring the skills and knowledge we have as OB nurses to moms and families for the delivery of their babies. We believe that coming to our unit, seeing what we have to offer, and meeting the women who may be involved in the birth experience is important. We feel the more knowledge and confidence that is gained by becoming involved with us prenatally will have a significant impact on having the best birth experience.

Our commitment and dedication to provide a woman with safe options and choices for her birth experience is important to us. Every birth should be unique and suited for each woman and her partner. The nurses of Maine Coast’s obstetrical department feel fortunate to be able to participate in what is one of the most amazing experiences women will ever have! RSS