Ultra Sound Center

Ultrasound imaging, also called ultrasound scanning or sonograph is a method of obtaining images from inside the human body through the use of high-frequency sound waves. The reflected sound wave echoes are recorded and displayed as a real-time visual image. Ultrasound is a useful way of examining many of the body's internal organs. Because ultrasound images are captured in real time, they can show movement of internal tissues and organs and enable physicians to see blood flow and heart valve functions. Maine Coast Memorial Hospital features a 3D/4D state-of-the-art ultrasound machine that is great for all procedures especially expecting mothers.

Ultrasound Services

  • OB Scans 
  • Non OB Pelvic (Kidney, Bladder) 
  • Vascular Scans 
  • Venous Scans 
  • Echocardiogram Scans 
  • Soft Tissue Scans 
  • Thyroid Scans 
  • Breast Evaluations 
  • Guided Interventions