Same Day Care

What is Same Day Care?

Each day the clinic schedules a limited number of appointments for people who need medical care on that day. These appointments are for people who have acute medical conditions such as sore throats, fevers, respiratory infections, ear aches, and urinary tract infections - medical conditions that can be diagnosed and treated that day. Same day care appointments are not for ongoing, long term medical conditions. You should call the clinic to schedule an office visit for these conditions.

How Can I Schedule a Same Day Care Appointment?

You can schedule an appointment for your acute medical condition in two ways: you can call that day or walk in. Same day care appointments are scheduled on that day only; we do not schedule any same day care appointments in advance. The clinic starts taking phone calls for same day care appointments at 8:00 am. You can also walk in to schedule an appointment; however, because we schedule same day care appointments, all appointments may be filled or you or you may have a significant wait time until your appointment.