Maine Coast Community Dental

Your teeth matter – dental health affects your overall health. We encourage everyone to regularly see a dentist, from their first tooth to the last!

Maine Coast Community Dental Clinic can offer you care to maintain your dental health as well as correct problems you may be having, including emergencies that can’t wait.

We provide complete dental care at our main clinic and set up portable hygiene clinics (teeth cleanings and screenings) at many locations. Our portable program sees children at a number of schools, child care centers, and WIC clinics in Hancock and Washington county.
We offer a number of payment options including:
  • Debit/credit cards by Visa, Mastercard, and American Express
  • Private insurance, and
  • Mainecare
For those without insurance we Maine Coast Community Dental Clinic offers a sliding scale fee payment option. This plan considers your family size and income level and reduces the fees you pay for services. By answering a couple of questions, our staff can quickly find out if you or your family can benefit from this plan.

Don’t wait, call us today at 667-0293.

At times our dentist may have to send you to a specialist for some procedures including: braces, oral surgery, or to replace missing teeth. RSS