ClearLight Acne Treatment

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does the ClearLight PhotoClearing System Work?

The ClearLight system uses a unique high-intensity blue-violet light that activates the bacteria-fighting militia, called porphyrins, in your own body to reach the P. acnes target safely and effectively. The porphyrins start a chemical reaction that produces peroxide, which destroys the P. acnes bacteria causing your inflamed blemishes (lesions). APC technology uses high-intensity, wavelength light, which permeates the tissue.

Is the High-Intensity Blue-Violet Light Harmful?
Absolutely not. The blue-violet light penetrates just deep enough into the tissue to reach the acne target. And, it only affects the P. acnes bacteria, not the normal tissue.

How soon after the treatment can I expect to see results?
After only a few months, you will see visible results with minimal effort. Applied in eight treatments over four weeks, the ClearLight system produces excellent results that will leave you amazed. The simple, rapid treatment has no downtime, which is an important consideration for active young adults.

What is the Advantage of ClearLight Treatments Over Other Light-based Systems?
ClearLight is the first, and only, system to reach the light intensity that is required for efficient PhotoClearing (destruction of the P. acnes bacteria).

How Do ClearLight Treatments for Acne Compare to Topical Creams and Oral Antibiotics?
Manufacturers information on topical creams and oral antibiotics indicates that conventional treatment for acne sufferers have limitations and require, at least, 3 months of continuous treatment. Some of these drugs are reported to have side effects that range from mild to quite severe. For example, Benzyl Peroxide causes irritation to the skin, and topical antibiotics have a very low efficacy, and topical retinoids are photosensitive. Oral antibiotics have a relapse of a few weeks to a couple months at the end of the therapy and the side effects consist of vertigo, vaginal candidosis, hepatitis, and lupus. Accutane and Roaccutane cause severe skin and mucosal irritation, liver enzyme abnormalities, blood lipid elevation, night blindness, and depression. The ClearLight acne treatment series is completed in four (4) weeks, with treatments lasting approximately 15 minutes each. Most importantly, ClearLight treatments have been shown to significantly decrease inflammatory acne lesions in a very high percentage of patients.

Do I Need to Prepare the Area Effected with Acne in Any Way Before Coming for my ClearLight Treatments?
Yes. Before coming in for your ClearLight treatment, cleanse the effected area with a mild acne cleanser, rinse with water and dry. Ladies, please only wear make-up that is oil-free, and be sure you are make-up free during the ClearLight treatment. You may re-apply your make-up after the treatment has concluded.

What Should I Do Between ClearLight Treatments?
You should avoid touching or picking your blemishes at all times. In addition, use a non-irritating anti-acne cleanser such as salicylic acid daily. Many different products are available for sale at our office.

What is the Recommended Maintenance After Completing My ClearLight Treatments?
For Comedones (blackheads & whiteheads): Use comedolytic agents, such as 0.025-0.050% Retinoic acid or Adapalene. For inflamed blemishes: Use antibacterial agents, such as 2.5-5.0% Benzoyl Peroxide or a combination of Benzoyl Peroxide and Erythromycin. Post treatment options also include the Vitalize Peel™, especially for inflamed acne and/or dermabrasion for remaining acne scars.

What Visual Changes in My Blemishes Should I Expect to Experience During the Treatment Period?
You may experience some minor changes to your blemishes during the treatment period. If there are any visual changes to your blemishes consult with your doctor.

Will My Face (or other affected area) Be Blemish-free at the End of My ClearLight treatments?
Though the inflammation will be gone for the majority of patients at the end of the treatment series, you may experience a redness, where the inflamed blemish was located. This redness will dissipate in a short time. It is important to remember that ClearLight alone treats only inflamed mild to moderate acne blemishes. ClearLight in combination with Levulan®, a photosensitizing topical medication, can treat cystic acne. RSS