Unwanted Hair

Unwanted hair is an age-old problem that affects both women and men. Excess body hair can be embarrassing, unsightly, and can cause irritation in places where the hairs are likely to be pulled and tugged, e.g. during sports. In many cases excess body hair is hereditary and may be influenced by age and hormonal conditions.

Unwanted hair is most often experienced by women on the face, especially the upper lip and eyebrow areas; under the arms; the bikini area; and legs. Women often experience a spurt of unwanted hair growth during pregnancy or menopause. For men unwanted hair may also appear on the face, but they may also opt to remove hair on the neck, on the back, chest, and upper arms. Athletes may want to remove hair on their legs for hygiene reasons and comfort.


Laser hair removal has become the gold standard for removing unwanted, excess hair. Our laser system thermally destroys countless follicles in one shot, but leaves the surrounding tissues completely unaffected. Laser hair removal is non-invasive, safe, efficient, effective, long-lasting, and probably the most cost-effective technique available today.

Depending on the treatment area size, six to eight sessions, usually six weeks apart, will lead to a significant aesthetic and clinical result. Any future hair growth will usually be thinner and lighter, and thus much less pronounced than before.

Best results are obtained in patients with darker hair colors. Laser hair removal is likely to be ineffective in patients with blond, white, or grey hair.