Moles & Hemangiomas

Moles are fleshy, often raised, pigmented lesions that can appear anywhere on the body. Some are present at birth "congenital nevi" but most first appear in childhood or adolescence. Hemangiomas are visible red skin lesions that may be superficial, deeper in the skin, or a mixture of both. Hemangiomas are not always present at birth (around 30%), but usually become visible within a few months (70%).


Moles can be effectively treated with the Erbium laser. Energy from the laser is absorbed by water in the mole resulting in tissue ablation or vaporization. A temporary pigmented footprint will occur, but will fade within six months depending on the patient's skin color. Only a local anesthetic is required and with proper care the surgical site will heal without scaring.

Hemangiomas Vascular Lesions

Most hemangiomas when first diagnosed are superficial only. These can be treated with a laser as soon as they are diagnosed, and early treatment is key. The laser wavelength is absorbed by the oxyhemoglobin (the protein molecules that make blood red) in the blood vessels of hemangioma resulting in the shrinking of the vessels so that the result is a less noticeable lesion. Repeated treatments can almost completely remove superficial hemangiomas.