Cardiac Rehabilitation

What is cardiac rehabilitation?
Cardiac rehabilitation is an (approximately) 12 week program with monitored exercise sessions (on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday) that are completed in sessions at the hospital while you live at home. Cardiac rehab is a safe and effective way to build confidence and strength and improve healthy lifestyle practices. Additional support from the cardiac rehab team and other participants helps with recovery.

How can cardiac rehabilitation benefit me?
Cardiac Rehabilitation is proven effective to reduce the risk of a future cardiac event approximately 25% and reduces hospital re-admissions. Exercise is medicine, too!

Am I eligible for cardiac rehabilitation?
You may be eligible if you have had any of the following heart events: heart attack, stent(s), or heart surgery (bypass, valve or transplant). You may also be eligible if you have been medically treated for chest pain, otherwise known as stable angina. Please check with your doctor or call a member of the cardiac rehab team to be sure.

Will my Insurance cover cardiac rehabilitation?
Cardiac rehabilitation is typically covered by insurance. If you are not insured, the hospital does have financial services to help. The cardiac rehab team can help you navigate this piece before you start treatment.

What should I do if I think I may be eligible for cardiac rehabilitation?
Contact your doctor and have them complete a Cardiac Rehab Referral Form. Or contact Cardiac Rehab at 664-5434. They can request a signed referral from your doctor.