Being on the cutting edge of medical technology enables the Mary Dow Center to provide the very best in care for our patients.

The Mary Dow Center for Cancer Care participates in research programs that are critically important in discovering new treatments for cancer and blood disorders. These are national studies conducted with other well known centers such as the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. Many of these studies compare best known treatments with new ones that may be even better. Other studies look at new ways of treating or preventing specific cancers. We are proud to have competed for and been named one of the primary centers in the nation for the National Breast Cancer Prevention Trial.

Our Clinical Research Program gives us access to the latest advances in the treatment of cancer and blood disorders. In many cases, patients benefit because they can receive experimental treatments without traveling to far away centers. And by participating in these projects, patients have a chance to help medical science refine new approaches.

We are excited about our ability to offer the most advanced treatment and, at the same time, contribute to the growing body of knowledge about cancer and blood disorders. To find out if you qualify for participation in a clinical research trial, please consult with your physician. RSS