​Surgical Services Nursing

At MCMH, Surgical Services nursing offers a full scope of multi-specialty services. The department is comprised of several specialty units including Preanesthesia Testing, Ambulatory Care (OPSU), the Operating Room, Post Anesthesia Care Unit (PACU), Endoscopy and Sterile Processing. Nurses provide care to patients ranging in age from infancy through elder years. MCMH perioperative nurses are exposed to a broad range of patient populations and conditions, and as a result, develop expertise and skill in a multitude of clinical specialties.

A multi-disciplinary approach to care is employed to ensure the delivery of quality patient outcomes. Teamwork is essential to the provision of excellent patient care and smooth operation of the units. All environments are fast-paced and challenging, and focused on the education of staff and patients alike.

Pre Anesthesia Testing (PAT)
Nurses in the OPSU unit are responsible for the background work required to prepare an individual for a surgical procedure. Nurses in OPSU work with the hospital, surgeon and patient to coordinate the surgical procedure. OPSU nurses perform health histories and assessments, evaluate patient testing and lab work, and ensure that the patient is fit to receive the procedure.

Outpatient Surgery (OPSU)
OPSU nurses work with patients who are being prepared for the actual surgery to take place. They confirm that all required patient information is present, continue the health assessments, monitor vital signs, start IVs and administer any preoperative medications that are needed. OPSU nurses are also trained to help patients cope with the inevitable anxiety that accompanies any surgical procedure. Nurses in the OPSU also provide second stage recovery and discharge instructions for patients receiving outpatient procedures.

Operating Room (OR)
OR nurses care for patients immediately prior to and during a surgical procedure. OR nurses carry on the work of the OPSU nurses by continuing the health assessments, monitoring vital signs, securing a safe environment for the patient, and assisting the surgeon during the procedure. OR nurses work with the nine surgical sub-specialties.

Post Anesthesia Care Unit (PACU)
Nurses in the PACU care for patients as they are recovering from anesthesia. Recovery is an especially critical time for patients in terms of pain control and monitoring of vital signs as the effects of anesthesia are reversed and the patient is waking up.

Endoscopy Unit
The Endoscopy unit cares for patients who require an endoscopic procedure in an environment that provides an appropriate level of nursing and medical care supervision. The nurses in the unit are required to be certified in advanced life support and sedation. Nurses in the endoscopy unit also have the operating room skills required to assistant in endoscopy procedures.

Sterile Processing Department (SPD)
The Sterile Processing Department comprises that service within the hospital in which surgical supplies and equipment, both sterile and nonsterile, are cleaned, prepared, processed, stored, and issued for patient care. The SPD technicians are professional and quality-focused. RSS