Language Milestones

Use the following information only as a guide to your child's speech development.Pediatric Speech-Language Milestone

If you have questions or concerns about your child, contact a speech-language pathologist at Maine Coast Memorial Hospital at 664-5472.

Mile Stones

Year 1
  • Says 2 to 3 words (may not be clear)
  • Repeats same syllable 2 to 3 times. (ma, ma,...)
  • Carries out simple direction when accompanied by gestures (bye-bye)
  • Answers simple questions with nonverbal response (body language)
  • Imitates voice patterns of others
  • Uses single words meaningfully to label
Year 2
  • Says 8 to 10 words by age 1.5, 10 to 15 words by age 2
  • Puts two words together (more cookie)
  • Points to 12 familiar objects named
  • Names 3 body parts on doll, self or another person
  • Names 5 family members
  • Produces animal sounds
  • Asks for some common food items by name when shown
Year 3
  • Uses simple 3-4 word sentences
  • Uses NO or NOT in speech
  • Understands and responds to WHERE, WHO, and WHAT questions
  • Carries out a series of two simple commands
  • Uses more adult-like verb forms (Baby Ann is tired)
  • Uses is and a statements (This is a ball.)
  • Uses possessive forms of nouns (Daddy's)
  • Counts to ten
  • Uses some class names (toys, animals, food)
  • Uses some plural nouns
Year 4
  • Uses a vocabulary of at least 300 words
  • Uses is at the beginning of questions when appropriate
  • Uses words to describe feelings
  • Expresses future occurrences with going to, have to, want to
  • Changes word order appropriately to ask questions (Can I? Does he?)
  • Uses some common irregular plurals (men, feet)
  • Tells about an event in his day in timely order
  • Tells full name
  • Knows ABCs by rote memory
Year 5
  • Carries out series of three directions
  • Demonstrates understanding of passive sentences (Girl was hit by boy.)
  • Uses compound and complex sentences
  • Uses contractions can't, don't, won't
  • Points out absurdities in pictures
  • Knows basic opposites
  • Names picture that does not belong in particular class (one that's not an animal)
  • Tells whether two words rhyme
  • Points to some, many, several
  • Tells address and telephone number
  • Answers why question with an explanation
  • Defines words (Rain is water from the sky.)

Our Staff
For more information about Speech & Language Pathology, contact:

  • Director of Rehabilitation Services
    Doug Keith
    664-5472 or Fax 664-5476