Infant Family Support Program

Maine Coast Pediatrics Infant Family Support Program

Babies arrive with many needs and no instructions on how to meet them and parents often have questions that go beyond medical concerns. The Infant Family Support Program at Maine Coast Pediatrics is here to help answer any social or emotional questions you might have as you raise your baby.

The Infant Family Support Program operates at Maine Coast Pediatrics clinic on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings. We also have a phone support line available at all times to answer calls from parents regarding non-medical questions about their babies’ development and parenting concerns.

And Infant Family Support specialist meets with parents and babies at regularly scheduled well child check-ups starting at two-weeks and continuing at two-month and four-month intervals.

During theses visits parents are asked if they have any questions or concerns about their baby’s social and emotional development, and are provided up to date resources and information about appropriate child development stages as well as parenting concerns. The specialist spends a lot of time helping parents understand what is within the scope of normal. Common topics addressed are crying, spitting up, breastfeeding, sleep, post partum depression, and connecting parents to community resources.

Parental support is an important part of childrens' healthcare, and Maine Coast pediatrics wants to build confidence in parents through education, emotional support, and referrals to other community agencies. RSS