Dan & Wendy Fontaine

When I was five months pregnant, I sat in Renata Moise’s midwifery office, holding her hand and crying about my fears of how much giving birth was going to hurt. I was really scared, and she listened calmly and patiently to all my irrational, first-time-mom worries.

Wendy & Dan

Five months later, we were holding hands again and I was crying all over again. But this time, I was lying in a hospital bed, having just given birth to a beautiful baby girl. My tears were not about fear; they were about release. I was overwhelmed and tired after a quick but intense labor. I was relived to have the hard work of child birth behind me. And I was overjoyed to have a beautiful little being with blues eyes as my newborn daughter.

Renata was there then too, holding my hand and listening to my sobs. She rubbed my back. She gave me a hug. I will never forget it.

I am so thankful that Renata was with me during my pregnancy and labor. Without her and the other midwives at Maine Coast Women Care, I don’t think my journey into motherhood would have been the same.

During my prenatal checkups, my husband was welcomed into the room with me, to hear the baby’s heartbeat and to ask questions right alongside me. We never felt like patients there; we felt like Renata and the crew was sharing this incredible experience with us. We felt truly take care of, emotionally as well as physically.

To this day, we see them around town and we always stop to chat. I call their office sometimes and they always remember me by name.

Choosing the midwives at Maine Coast Women Care was one of the best decisions I ever made. If my husband and I choose to have another baby some day, I hope to share the experience with them all over again. I know they would take good care of us.

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