A Safe Haven

After the birth of your baby, you will move into a postpartum room for the rest of your hospital stay. During your stay, your baby can be with you as often as you like, though we recommend you use the nursery if no one else is in the room with baby while you are in the shower. If you feel more comfortable, your baby can go to the nursery while you nap as well.

Security is an issue in any newborn center. At Maine Coast, we believe we have provided you and your baby a safe haven. You and your infant are given matching bracelets immediately after delivery. Our corridors are electronically monitored 24 hours a day. Special access cards are given to a family member of each patient. These "guest passes" will gain you access to the OB Unit. There is also a telephone located outside the OB door with directions for its use located on the wall beside the phone.

As you leave, your nurse will escort you safely to the door. We recommend having the installation of your car seat checked by an authorized car seat inspector. Hospital staff cannot guarantee that a car seat is installed correctly due to the many variations in seats and cars. RSS