Welcome to Coastal Health Center​

Coastal Health Center in Ellsworth offers services that include family, internal medicine, and pediatrics.  Serving patients in Down East Maine since 1992, patient services include preventive health and chronic disease management for both adults and children, newborn care, and office gynecology. 


  • comprehensive physical exams
  • medicare wellness Visits
  • adult and geriatric care
  • office gynecology
  • medical consults

  • EKG
  • audiometry/vision testing
  • lab on site


Our office is located at 37 Commerce Park in the new Ellsworth Business Park, Ellsworth, Maine. The office is open Monday through Friday, 8 AM to 4:30 PM. Patients are seen by appointment only. We pride ourselves on punctuality, please plan to arrive several minutes before your appointment time. We realize the value of your time and will do everything possible to keep your waiting time to a minimum. In return, we ask that you email us or call ahead if you cannot keep your appointment, and be patient with us if emergencies interrupt our schedule.


It is vitally important that we know all medications you are taking whether prescribed by our office or through another practice or over the counter.  Please plan to bring your medications with you to your appointments and alert us if any of them have changed. 

We have a prescription re-fill policy of 72 hours during the business week.  Please anticipate your needs and take care of any refill requests during the week as requests may not be processed on Friday evenings and into the weekend. 

Please note that we have gone to E-Scribing.  All prescriptions are now sent electronically to the pharmacies, we no longer have written prescriptions.  Effective July 1, 2017, State Law mandates that all controlled drugs such as narcotics will be sent electronically to all pharmacies.  Please note that pharmacies will not accept any written prescriptions for those drugs.

Follow-ups and Results:

Our preferred method of communication with patients for non-emergencies is via phone.  When you contact our office with questions, our receptionist will refer you to the appropriate department.

Frequently, medical questions can be handled most promptly by speaking with our nurse.  She is qualified to either answer your questions, or get the information from the physician for you.  Our practitioners have full schedules that require them to manage the daily patients first.  Questions requiring a response will be handled as quickly as possible. 

It is our policy to notify patients of diagnostic test results if they are abnormal.  We do this by phone call, letter, or verbally by the physician at the next appointment.  If you have testing done and don’t hear back from us in a reasonable amount of time, please call us and let us know. 

We encourage all of our patients to utilize the Patient Portal to access your medical chart.  There you will find the appropriate place to contact the clinical staff by email for any questions you may have.


Coastal Health Center honors our medical relationship with you and we ask that you be here for your reserved time with us.  We understand that there are times when you must miss an appointment due to emergencies or obligations for work or family and ask that you call to cancel when this happens as soon as you can in order to free appointment time for other patients.