Disease Management

New Bellwether Program Reaches out to Patients - Solving Problems, Enhancing Quality of Life

This past year...
  • 354 Patients assisted 
  • 2,122 Medications received 
  • Emergency Room Visits decreased by 83% 
  • Hospital Admissions decreased by 85% 
  • Medication compliance increased from 67% to 95%
Why? Patients have been assisted in obtaining and setting up medications
A new grant program from the Maine Health Alliance has served over 350 patients in its first year. This unique program is led by Brenda Duggan, RN with prescription assistance from Terry Latchaw and two dedicated volunteers, Beth Graham and Rita James. Together they have set new standards for quality of care for older patients with limited resources.

The primary objective of disease management is to facilitate the supply of medication for a population that cannot afford it. This program’s success has hinged on the generous donations of needed medications by major pharmaceutical firms. The amount of these donations is staggering – totaling over $705,676 since implementation.

But there is a lot more to disease management – interfacing with discharge planning and homecare management. The disease management team is there helping make connections will other resources including rehabilitation and health management resources. Many of the patients who have benefited from these services have very touching stories, said Brenda Duggan.

Now that the value of disease management has been established via the Maine Health Alliance Grant, Maine Coast Memorial Hospital recognizes the benefit to the community and has pledged to continue this impressive patient benefit. RSS