Skin Resurfacing

Indications include:
. acne scars
. fine lines
. wrinkles
. skin laxity
. photo-damaged skin
. age spots
One method of improving the condition of the skin is by "resurfacing" the outer layers to the level of the papillary dermis. Removing the outer skin layers induces new collagen formation, which can create a smoother, even-toned, and more youthful appearance.
The standard tool for skin resurfacing is now the Erbium laser. Advanced laser system such as the Erbium laser allows for more superficial tissue resurfacing and finer control. 

The latest advance in Erbium resurfacing has been the development of fractional Erbium technology where-by only a small fraction of the treatment area is resurfaced during the procedure thus reducing healing time. This technique promises a novel means of providing treatments that would be as effective as traditional Erbium while further reducing their downtime and risk.