Fat reduction can be accomplished in a variety of ways. Which procedure is best depends on a number of factors including the patient's age, size, treatment location and the degree of skin laxity. Some procedures required more downtime, which may be a factor in the patient's decision. The consultation process is designed to help the patient decide which procedure is most suitable for them.


SmartLipo Laser assisted liposuction offers several advantages over traditional liposuction. The laser melts fat making removal less traumatic. The heat from the laser also helps to tighten overlying skin. The procedure results in less bruising and downtime than conventional liposuction and patients usually return to work in three to four days. Ideal patients have a BMI (body mass index) of less than thirty and have small areas of unwanted fat that is resistant to diet and exercise. LEARN MORE

Body-Jet water assisted liposuction was developed to avoid the problems associated with tumescent infiltration used in standard liposuction procedures. Body-Jet liposuction gently washes away the fat without traumatizing other structures such as blood vessels and nerves and offers patients a totally different experience from standard tumescent liposuction or even laser-assisted liposuction. Water-Jet liposuction has shown to be clearly superior to traditional methods because of the dramatically reduced session length and discomfort and offers a new gentle technique for body contouring and body sculpting. LEARN MORE

Liposonix treatment is a non-surgical fat reduction procedure that uses advanced ultrasound technology to permanently destroy unwanted abdominal fat. The head of the Liposonix device is placed on the area to be treated. High-intensity ultrasound energy is then focused on the targeted fat. Skin is not harmed as fat tissue just beneath the skin is permanently destroyed. The body naturally removes the treated fat, leaving you with a thinner, more contoured waistline. The treatment is completed in just one office visit and lasts about one hour. With little to no downtime or aftercare, you can resume your active lifestyle right away. LEARN MORE

Lipodissolve is a treatment using microinjections of a natural solution to destroy fat of the face and body without surgery. This non-surgical method is successful for the reduction of double chins and the removal of small areas of fat on the waistline, hips, thighs, knees and abdomen.Lipodissolve is known as a potential replacement to minor surgical lipoplastic procedures and good results can be achieved in only 1-4 sessions. Lipodissolve can also be used to treat lipoma. Excellent results can be achieved in 1-2 sessions. LEARN MORE